Children are gifts from GOD (Psalm 127:3) and parents play an important role in their lives. Parents have to make important decisions in training child

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Children are gifts from GOD (Psalm 127:3) and parents play an important role in their lives. Parents have to make important decisions in training child

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News & Events

Parent - Teacher Conference
May 2023,

Our supervisors are very ready to share with parents on the progress of their children. We encourage parents to participate in their child's education by asking questions about their child's progress and learning.
Our supervisors provide detailed reports on their students' achievements, highlighting both areas of strength and areas that need improvement.
We also discuss any specific concerns or challenges that the student may be facing, and work together with parents to develop strategies to overcome them.
Overall, these meetings are a great way for us to collaborate with parents and work towards a common goal - the success and well-being of their children.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Let's Recycle!
May 2023,

In the first half of this year, Heritage Academy embarked on a campaign to collect toilet rolls. The aim was to increase awareness amongst our staff and students on the benefits of recycling and where these recycling efforts are held in our community. At the end of 5 months of this collection effort, Heritage managed to collect close to 2,500 cardboard rolls for the recycling effort! We are proud that we are doing our part towards Sustainability! #

Merit Shopping!
May 2023,

As we come to the end of Term 2, it's a great time to reflect on the progress students have made so far. The merit exchange program is a great way to encourage positive behavior and reward students for their hard work. We hope that these treats serve as a reminder that hard work pays off and that our students continue to strive for excellence. With the June holidays upon us, we encourage everyone to take some well-deserved time off to rest, recharge, and come back ready to tackle the challenges of the next term.

Supervisor and Student Conference
May 2023,

Our supervisors are very excited to conference with their students on their students' progress. Celebrating achievements is an important part of building motivation and confidence in students. When students feel recognized for their hard work and accomplishments, they are more likely to continue putting forth effort and pushing themselves further.
At the same time, it's equally important to identify areas for improvement and provide support and guidance to help students grow. Encouraging students to reflect on their own work and identify areas for growth can be a powerful tool in helping them develop their skills and overcome challenges.

High School Lab Session
May 2023,

Observation is an essential skill in Science. By collecting and recording data, our students learn and develop knowledge, testing hypotheses and theories. It is so much fun to learn when there is a practical application!

Heritage Academy Sports Day
May 2023,

May 5th, 2023 was Heritage Academy's Inaugural Sports Day! We celebrated a day of fun, excitement and sporting camaraderie. It was also a great honour to be graced by His Excellency Medardo G. Macaraig, the Philippine Ambassador to Singapore. Do join us on our Facebook page to view a video of the day's events!

VMVC - Responsibility!
April 2023,

In April we celebrate the Character Trait of Responsibility! As part of our Vision, Mission, Values and Character Program (VMVC), it is a time to reflect on our obligations and duties, and to take ownership of our actions and their consequences. We teach our students to strive to be accountable and reliable in all aspects of their lives, and to fulfill their responsibilities with integrity and diligence.

Visit to The Philippine Embassy - Part 2
March 2023,

On 24 March 2023, Heritage Academy was welcomed into the Philippine Embassy for the second time. Principal Mrs. Susan Lau and CEO Mr. Lau Chai Joo brought along Mr. Joseph Tambio and Ms. Joy Aragones's Grade 5 Class of Harmony to introduce the younger generation to this newly-formed partnership. There, the students and staff experienced a warm reception and were given a tour around the facilities of the Embassy.

Quality and Character
March 2023,

On 14th March 2023, Heritage Academy received from Datin Mary Vun, Consultant from School of Tomorrow Asia and Malaysia (SOTAM), the 2023 Quality Status Certificate.

With this re-certification, Heritage Academy continues to commit itself to be a school with quality and Christian character.

Visit to the Philippine Embassy
January 2023,

Heritage Academy made a courtesy call to the Philippine Embassy on 11 Jan 2023! We met up with Vice Consul Atty Joy Anne B Lai, and Filipino Community Relations officer and attache Ms. Rosallie Bantay. We discussed matters of mutual interest and possible collaboration aimed at supporting Filipino families in Singapore.

Wishing all a happy and fruitful Chinese New Year
January 2023,

Wishing All Happy New Year!
When we greet during Chinese New Year, the Chinese will greet each other with well wishes.
These are well wishes from us to you!

Back to School 2023
January 2023,

The smiles and excitement of the students are priceless❤️
Let’s bring it on students and nail this school year!
All Glory to our God🙌🏻

Heritage Academy Awards Ceremony
November 2021,

This is the penultimate event of the year in the calendar of Heritage Academy. It culminates all the hard work of the students put into the year and the whole school celebrate all the achievements by giving out medals, certificates, and trophies.

Types of Awards include:

Honor Roll Trophy - for students who attained Honor Roll Cert for all
the Terms
Character Medal - to recognize the character trait displayed Excellence Certificate - to acknowledge students who displayed excellence in their daily work in different areas eg penmanship,
colouring, project work, reports, PACE work etc

Children’s Day
October 2021,

The teachers in campus organized different engaging activities to commemorate this special day for the children. The activities ranges from Movies screening and reflection, story books reading, Zoom games stations like Kahoot, Pictionary, Hangman and “Photo-me”, as well as simple craft session.

Teacher’s Day
September 2021,

The warmth, gratitude and happiness was greatly felt amongst the teachers as students presented gifts and thank you cards to express their gratefulness and admiration of their teachers. The management also presented to all teachers a gift during the celebration which also showed to the student their appreciation of the hardwork put in by the teachers.

National Day
August 2021,

This year National Day’s spirit and enthusiasm were still high with the many diverse program planned to encourage and engage our students. Videos, quizzes, craft, singing were part of the program lined up properly
and prizes to be won for winning group. The students and teacher also came together ‘virtually’ to be part of a ‘action choir’ to sing this year NDP Theme song. The enthusiasm, teamwork and the perseverance to work together helped the school to live the spirit of the song of overcoming challenges together on the long road ahead.

Social Studies
July 2021,

This CCA aims to expand the exposure of students to the subject of Social Studies. It brings them through weekly theme different continents in one term and in the other terms, a series of discovering different town in Singapore, tapping on the TV series of “Up Your Alley” telecast in Channel NewsAsia. At the end of each session, the students enjoys a lightning session of Kahoot to test what they have learned for the day. It also equip the students with skills to design and make SS Projects in the scope of ‘Collection’ and ‘Research’, requiring them to submit 2 of such projects. This CCA teaches them skills to required in a division of SS (Collection) and SS (Research) of Regional Student Convention competitions.

Parents Engagement
June 2021,

Heritage Academy has been keeping in regular contact with parents through several channels: Pre-course counselling sessions, Parents Orientation, Parents Workshop, Semestral Meet-the-parents sessions, Parents Whatapps Broadcast groups as well as circulars.

In term 1, the school organized a PES Zoom session, by grade level, to brief the parents about the academic focus of the grade, some non-academic program of the level as well as question and answer session. The parents who attended these sessions were pleased that the PES was organized to help them understand the school program better so that they may better support their children in the academic development.

International Student Convention
May 2021,

ISC 2021: Historic. Epic. God-centric.
For the 1st time, HERITAGE ACADEMY joined the International
Student Convention (ISC).
All student-participants received an award — including:
1st place finishes in the Color Character Trait & One-Act Play events!
God-centric: Participants showcased their talents for God’s glory…
competing against students from other ACE schools across the globe.
May 24-27: Winners were announced & given out in Florida, USA.
Aug. 17: Students formally received their medals

Corporate Social Responsibilities
April 2021,

Location: All Campus Comment: The student and staff have come together to help a community in need as stated below. All students were asked to volunteer to give up their merit ‘spending’ amount to donate to help a foreign mission. The students were grateful for what they have and were gracious to give up the opportunity to spend for themselves. Some even willing gave all that they have. Seeing the beneficiary opening up opportunity to help children and adults also brought joy the students’ heart.

Honor Roll Certificate
March 2021,

The Honor Roll Certificate is awarded to the students for completion of a quarter of their year goal. Hence, each student is challenged to complete a ten-weekly goal to attain the Honor Roll. In order to do that, the student have to be responsible for his own work; be accountable to himself, his parents and his supervisors. Honesty, excellence, responsibilities, independence, temperance, attentiveness, gratefulness and enthusiasm are among many qualities in the completion of the goals.

Chinese New Year
February 2021,

For the first time in Heritage Academy history, we had virtual CNY celebration via Zoom. The students were still able to enjoy the learning and fun of the Chinese New Year cultures, wearing their Chinese costumes. The students have learnt different qualities of traditions and gratefulness, fun craft requiring patience and independence, attentiveness while learning and answering Kahoot games. Adding to the mood were also singing CNY songs at home of which will not be possible to be done in school during COVID period.

Welcome Back To School
January 2021,

Maintaining our school spirit, we will introduce to many values of Christian character, respect towards God, country and people. We build school pride by showing school’s achievements and singing school cheers and Heritage Welcome Song. These has help the school to maintain building of the school culture despite not being able to come together.