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Our Teaching Faculties

The School of Tomorrow® curriculum uniquely focuses on the learning of the students instead of the normal classroom teaching. Teachers or educators are addressed as Supervisors. They help the students reach their full potential through controlled motivated learning. Each Learning Centre is the responsibility of one Supervisor. The average ratio of Supervisor : Student is 1:30.  Each supervisor is assisted by one or more administrative assistants or teacher aides, addressed as Monitors.  

Beside academic qualifications, our staff are chosen based on individual merits which include work and life experiences, spiritual maturity, a love to work with children and, above all, a heart to serve God. Supervisors complete the A.C.E.® Supervisor Training Course conducted by School of Tomorrow® or their representative. Together with other staffs, the supervisors also attend educators’ conferences to update professional skill and exchange ideas with the A.C.E. staff.


Courses and Modules to Teach

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