From Level 9 onward, credits are accumulated towards graduation.  One credit is earned for the completion of each level of study (12 PACEs per subject). In addition to the core subjects, certain electives are required for graduation.  The maximum of two non-academic credits can be included.

Students graduating from Level 12 will be awarded an American High School Diploma, conferred by Heritage Academy (School of Tomorrow® only provides the curriculum and they do not confer the awards)

American High School Diploma

  • minimum 25 credits* + 88% GPA + minimum 500 WPM in Readmaster
with Honours
  • minimum 27 credits* + 94% GPA + minimum 600 WPM in Readmaster
*inclusive of maximum of 2 non-academic credits

Graduates will receive their Official Transcript within six weeks upon successful completion of all graduation requirements (subject to all fees being paid up to date).

Note:  Any student who has completed to Grade 8 and may not be able to continue the next grade may be awarded with the VOCATIONAL CERTIFICATE.

The student should be accumulating credits from Grade 5 to Grade 8 (i.e. Pace 1049 to 1096 and a minimum of 22 credits may apply for the Vocational Certificate.  The minimum of 22 credits includes English (4 credits); Word Building (4 credits); Maths (4 credits); Science (4 credits) and a minimum of in Social Studies (2 credits) and Bible (2 credits) and a minimum of Electives (2 credits), totalling a minimum of 22 credits.

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