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Delivery Structure

Each class is known as a Learning Centre. It is headed by one Supervisor (teacher) assisted by one or more Monitors (teacher aides).
Heritage Academy would administer the diagnostic test to assess each individual’s ability. The diagnostic test would indicate the learning gaps the student has and the appropriate grade level the student should be placed at.  The student is to fill the learning gaps before the student progresses at his performance level.

Areas to be tested:  Math Level 1-9 and English levels 1-8.

Students are taught to self-study in a built-in reinforced system of learning.  The curriculum PACEs are the teachers, and the students are trained to be active learners. The Supervisor inspires the students unto achievement and provides academic guidance.   
The Monitor takes care of the non-academic needs and administration.  
There is minimal whole-class teaching, but maximal one-on-one support as and when required by individual students. 

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